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Happy Spring everyone! We at wilderness and Waves felt this is the most appropriate time to talk about transition. While we are all experiencing a massive amount of transition related to COVID-19, you may have missed a few other transitions this month:

Daylight Savings. I hate this one, so google it on your own 🙂 seriously though. The worst.
The Vernal Equinox: Interesting clip here

For us, this is the start of about a month or two of transition. We move from the winter adventure season, which is full of skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing, cross country, skinning, long naps in blankets, saying we are going to go to the gym, but buy a new streaming service instead; into the spring season (not that some of you will stop doing these things). Running, biking, hiking, rafting, surfing (not that some of you aren’t doing these during the winter) but also long naps in blankets, saying we are going to go to the gym, but buying new streaming service instead. It is a funky time of year, you can get a 60 degree hike in blue bird weather on Saturday, and then ski three new inches on Sunday. You can hit the coast and ride a wave in the ocean, then skin up to a peak and ride a frozen wave down. Warmer weather is on the horizon, but get those last cold weather activities in while you can.



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