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Hey there fellow Rogues of this valley. I bet, like me, you are all feeling a little stir crazy these days. We at Wilderness and Waves wanted to throw some options for you all to get by in these times. First, however, we want to encourage everyone to follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19 (seen here) as well as guidance from your state governments. Much of the guidance relates to social distancing, self-quarantine and flattening the curve (reducing the rate of infection). That has meant many schools, businesses, gyms, and restaurants/bars have closed. You know, those things that we fill our 24-hour days with.

“Actually, being outside is a healthy thing to do in this environment,” said Paula Fasano Negele, a spokeswoman for the Oregon Office of Emergency Management. “You’re social distancing when you’re outdoors, it’s good for your mental health, and it’s good for your physical health right now, so I think it’s probably a good thing to do.” (From the Oregonian)

Links are just for fun and a starting point. As in everything we say, get out and find out.

1. Get out on the trails:

2. Backcountry Ski:

3. Get out on a bike:

4. Start a garden:
How to build a raised bed

5. Remote Gym workouts: No links for this one, but google. Decode what you want to do and you can find links. Although, several organizations like YMCA, Peloton, Yoga teachers and others have put out content online.

Stay tuned fellow adventurers. We will be communicating out more from our social distance. We are looking to host a First Aid class in the next few weeks; this will be a COVID-19 based set up-Social distance, sanitization, and barrier protection in addition to getting you CPR/First Aid certified to help out on the front lines should you be needed.


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