We teamed up with Learning for Life’s national Explorer Post program to create a unique experience for 14-20yr old who desire to immerse themselves in outdoor, life, medical, rescue, and leadership skills. We spend time in weekly classroom meetings creating a baseline set of skills which they are able to apply in life, as well as when they are out in the field. Post 153’s design allows Explorers to push themselves physically and mentally to prepare for the challenges of the wilderness and life.

let’s eat

Let’s eat! There are so many nutritional needs that go into outdoor adventure. So, we dove into some of those needs by discussing and making dehydrating meals. The explorers were able to play with stoves and consume good food. Just because a meal is nutritious or dehydrated, it doesn’t mean it cannot taste great. We


Setting up and tearing down shelters were are tap for tonight’s class. We brought out 3 season, 4season, 1 man, 2man, four man, self standing and pegged tents. Instead of just showing how to set every tent, we let them figure out how to set them up. We then rotated, until everyone had a chance

First meeting

Our first meeting was a huge success. We fundamentally laid a foundation by introducing how we plan to grow our outdoor skills and as grow as people. Using an archery target as a visual, we discussed how we grow as we move between the comfort and growth zones, while trying to stay away from the

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