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stop being who you're supposed to be and start being who you are meant to be

Don't let fear run your life  

Know how to handle anything that comes your way

learn how fear should work in your life
LET THE OUTDOORS guide YOU to WHO YOU really are

'If we let fear dictate how we act and think, it becomes a disease'

- Tareq Azim, Empower: Conquering the Disease of Fear

get out. find out.

we prepare you for life

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Manage fear in your own life by being prepared to know what to do when the unexpected happens. Sign up for a course and get trained today!!!

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We offer one on one online training that utilizes the outdoors to help anyone rediscover who they are meant to be. Sign-up today!!!

get out. find out.

we prepare you for life




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who we are


Bachelor of Science in OUTDOOR ADVENTURE LEADERSHIP– Southern Oregon University

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Wilderness Remote First Aid instructor
  • First Aid/CPR/AED instructor
  • Stand up Paddleboard instructor
  • Swift Water Rescue Technician (advanced)
  • Technical Ropes Rescue technician
  • Minimal Impact Adventurer
  • Leave No Trace
  • Stop the Bleed instructor
  • Open water scuba
  • life coach


The outdoors has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up in the Pacific northwest, I spent many hours rafting, mountain biking, hiking, standup paddle boarding, skating, backpacking, camping and personally love everything that takes me outside, but nothing compares to my love affair with surfing. I surfed the last twenty years on the cold forbidding Oregon coast. So many great experiences in the water, but it also put me in some tense situations that left me a little shaken. I was pulled a half mile offshore in a strong rip, charged by sea lions, watched my leash break sending the board pirouetting on top of a wave seventy-five yards to the shore, dragged eighteen feet under the water in big surf, and much more. Despite thinking I am going to die many times, I survived and walked away with so many important lessons that I took back to my everyday life. In fact, it seems like when I venture outdoors, I almost always gain something back that I need. The ‘Father of the National Parks’ John Muir conveyed this same sentiment by declaring,

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

This is why Wilderness and Waves exists. The outdoors is our sanctuary, sanity, motivator, clarifier, therapy, and teacher. The lessons we impart to those that join us on this journey are the same ones I learned and the same ones I taught my four boys. That the thrills, spills, self-confidence, adrenaline rushes and self-discovery gained may be as addictive as any street drug, but without the horrible side effects. To push your own limits so you will grow in confidence and in understanding yourself on a deeper level. To enjoy life and love it. That Hollywood looks, financial status and designer clothing become useless out there. It is who you are on the inside and what you know. The right decisions lead to comfort, where the wrong ones lead to discomfort. When the heavens open and the rains fall, it will fall on everyone no matter how cool you think you are. When the sun cooks, everyone will feel the heat. It is right, it is fair, it is fun. So, let the outdoors and Wilderness and Waves be your guide from where you are currently stuck at to where you can be thriving in life.

get out. find out.

we prepare you for life

Band J

‘We’ve lulled ourselves into believing that in an emergency, someone else will always come along to rescue us. We’ve stopped relying on our own wonderfully adaptable bodies, we’ve forgotten that we can think, climb, leap, run, throw, swim, and fight with more versatility than any other creature on the planet.’

-Christopher McDougall Natural Born Heroes

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